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The Buster Ranger is a complicated and Side-Scroller video game . Having played once you will never be able to cover all the back streets of the world, discover the complicated relationship between the characters, to see the details of the story and the rest important aspects.

Therefore we came up with the idea to create a fantastic motion illustration which will push back the limits set by the game. The motion illustration will help you to deepen into the universe itself and go into details which could distract the player from gameplay.

To be honest this variant existed not very long. After a while, we had a clear understanding of the improvements to be implemented. The artists superseded each other and there was an enormous amount of patterns. We found our personal style and obtained the result we strove after for a long time.

The motion illustration story of Buster Ranger is an independent separate project. It will allow you to have a look at the history of the world from completely different sides: to learn the details of the plot and become a direct participant in the described events by playing the game.

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