We’re incredibly pleased to announce that the Nimble Point site has gone live. To celebrate it I thought I’d write a quick post on who we actually are and what we’re up to. Nimble Point team is a small indie games team based in South Australia. We have experience in game development and animation, and are aiming to build you all a bunch of crazy little adventures to play through and enjoy.

Currently we’re working on Buster Ranger, which is a brilliant 2D action shooter game that we’ll be launching on Nintendo Switch during the first half of 2021. To get more information about Buster Ranger, what it’s about, and why you should support us, read Saeed’s great intro post here, and you can also check out a gallery of pics on the Buster Ranger page itself.

The aim of launching this site is to document the development of Buster Ranger. Art, trailers and other videos, articles about the game’s design and structure will be posted for giving more information about our project. If you like the look of Buster Ranger, you can follow us on Twitter/Facebook for regular updates and pics or even subscribe to our mailing list, and you will be updated with info on demos, beta releases, and the actual release of the game.

The more people play our game the better result we can get, so we’d love you to drop some comments on us as we work! You can even troll us, gently, if you like. We’re keen to get the word out as well and need all the help we can get, so go ahead and spread the word about Buster Ranger if you like our work and want to give us a hand.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time!

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