Hey everyone,

Firstly, let’s all give each other a quick pat on the back. We registered as a Nintendo Developer which means we have to access to Nintendo Switch resources on the Nintendo Developer Portal. Secondly, we thought we’d give you all a quick introduction to some of the aliens you’ll be meeting (and fighting) in the world of Hexochia!


It has the ability to bomb in the air and attacks the player.


It moves toward the player so fast and hits the player with its sharp gear.

Flee Flash

Flee Flash is suspended on the air. It has special power which help it to disappear at one point and appear somewhere else.


Soldier-Pistol is one of the most used enemies in the game. Because of having jetpacks, it has the ability to move in the air as well as on the ground.


Electrokyp moves a little slowly in the air however is capable of throwing power bombs.


Octorok is able to move so fast on the ground and in the air. Because of having many eyes, hiding from it is a very hard job.

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