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We’ve received a comment or two recently about the lack of creature characters in Buster Ranger, so I wanted to address this here.  I also thought I’d give you a quick glimpse of 3 of our current enemy’s creatures. The only reason we’ve not shown them so far is for the same reason we’ve not shown 90% of the game, they’re simply not finished and thus not ready to be shown. Creature characters in Buster Ranger contain more than 60 characters with different and unique features. Here is a few number of them which are almost ready. We know how excited you are as we are. In the next blog we promise to show more characters which are followed by the description in details.

This looks fun, and it is also a nice example of the kind of sketching that works really well to communicate ideas. This kind of concept art does a lot more than just show something: it makes others enthusiastic about the ideas. Nimble Point is where all team members are involved in the core concepts, convincing others that your ideas are good is almost as important as having good ideas in the first place. Several of the devs at Nimble Point are masters at this, so today I would like to show you some examples of how art can be used to communicate ideas. Most of these concepts didn’t actually make it, but the way they were drawn makes me instantly like them.

During in the last 2 weeks we have been quite busy making some enemies to our game, I must say that we are starting to need some ideas for them. They must be foolish and funny creatures. I was interested to know more about how we can have memorable enemies fight in our game. So I found an amazing article with the title “Creating terrifying, memorable 2D monsters “. It was so useful and I recommend it.

Link : Creating terrifying, memorable 2D monsters

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